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Huizhou - Bimonthly Bay Tour


In order to enrich the amateur life of employees, broaden their horizons, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force; create a good corporate culture atmosphere, cultivate staff sentiment, improve their sense of belonging and honor; leisure and entertainment, ease work fatigue, We ushered in ushered in bimonthly trip. Tour: fishing, Spanish style town, seaside barbecue, bonfire ktv、 Huizhou Bimonthly Bay viewing platform, network red turtle island beach trestle 2.

After three hours' drive we came to Huizhou, the first stop is the bimonthly bay port wharf to go fishing by boat, experienced some fishermen's daily life, under the guidance of fishermen, boarded the ship to sea, enjoy the customs of the hundred islands, view the scenery on the sea, personally feel the fun of fishing.

Then arrived in bimonthly bay spanish style resort town, Vanke in this coastal town carefully built a very different style of spanish style resort town, with a rich venice style of mino shuttle, amorous feelings shopping street, characteristic inn, seafood restaurant, beach beer house and other facilities are available. Vanke Spanish town is the only commercial center city built by Vanke, which has open-air beer city, seafood restaurant, food street and so on. It enjoys beach, cold drink during the day, beer and seafood at night.

One day's journey past, enjoy dinner, beach buffet barbecue and bonfire ktv, beach music party, where you can express your happiness with your heart, let the playmates share childhood games, simple words, happiness is so simple ~~ Then, set off bright fireworks at the seaside, whether the sparks in the night sky shine like your mood ~~~ whether the romantic feeling is still in the ~~~~

The next day, the most casual posture to get up, enjoy breakfast, to the Bimonthly Bay viewing platform (about 60 minutes) Bimonthly Bay is located in Pinghai Town, Huidong County, bird's-eye view is magnificent, amazing, beautiful. Bimonthly bay is divided into left and right two bay, the scene is different, left bay is the south sea, the sea surface is sparkling, quiet and pleasant, right bay is the east sea, leading to the outer sea, the sea water clear and light sea is rough, majestic, so named bimonthly bay. The biggest feature of bimonthly bay is the two big bay. The left bay is as horizontal as a mirror, and the right bay is rough. Beach continuous 20 km, magnificent, almost no trace of human development. The beach is about 200 meters wide. The sea water is clear, the sea floor is flat and soothing, offshore 200 meters, the water quality is clear, the waves are not happy, the sail shadow spot. Shore scattered villages, curling smoke, a return to nature, the unity of human feelings spontaneously.

Finally, visit our country's only sea turtle nature reserve, located in the bimonthly bay port, the only sea turtle nature reserve Mainland Asia and the world's northernmost. The protected area is 4 square kilometers, three sides are surrounded by mountains, one side is near the sea, the sand bank area is only 0.1 square kilometers, the environment is quiet and beautiful. Nearshore seabed sandy, with a small number of reefs, the beach slope is gentle, small sand, conducive to turtle crawling, excavation and spawning reproduction. At present, the turtle species that can be visited at the Turtle Hall are: green turtle, turtle, leatherback turtle, xi turtle and turtle. The maximum age is 98 years old.

Ended a pleasant journey, looking forward to the next trip~~~

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