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The First Season of BE BETTER MAXWIN Cup English Dubbing Challenge


November 2020, the first season of the be better maxwin Cup English dubbing Challenge held in the company ,20 members of the competition 10 teams to participate in the challenge.


Members of the competition:1 SUNNY & EVAN
2 Nico & olive
3 Tank & Carson
4 Maggie & Aaron
5 Farah & Reese
9 Cammy & Daisy

The competition uses two-person group, using English voice and other software to create their own works, at the latest November 15 18:00 to share their finished products, by the whole company all vote, a person can vote for their favorite three works, Technical votes selected six finalists ,21 am 9:00 live interpretation, by the vote each cast three works, according to the number of votes selected first and second third, can vote their own works. If there are the same votes on the spot, plus the number of votes before the audition, the total number of votes won.

Everyone shared their finished products in the group, after the first round of voting, selected the top six groups with excellent dubbing results.

3 Tank & Carson
4 Maggie & Aaron
6 Farah & Reese

Come to the scene deduction link, the competition is held in the atmosphere of unity, friendship and joy, the contestants in the competition field launched a competition for skills and strength, the competition process is intense, colorful, warm atmosphere.

Through the wonderful live interpretation, sunny and evan won the first place in The First Season of BE BETTER MAXWIN Cup English Dubbing Challenge, terry and john won the second place in The First Season of BE BETTER MAXWIN Cup English Dubbing Challenge, and won the third place in The First Season of BE BETTER MAXWIN Cup English Dubbing ChallengeEveryone actively participated in the competition, the competition was also welcomed by everyone. Through the competition to promote the exchange between the staff and workers, showing the group of employees constantly fighting and enterprising, the spirit of courage to compete, to create a harmonious and upward corporate culture atmosphere.

 Let's look forward to be better second season maxwin cup of English dubbing challenge!



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